1980 is the turning point of a charismatic girl’s career whose name was Lucerito, and who was born on August 29, 1969 in Mexico City, under the astrological sign of Virgo. Since early age, Lucerito always hand the knack of being an artist and at age 10 Televisa offers her, the opportunity of trying out for a new juvenile kind of program named Alegría de Mediodía. Joining other talented boys on this show.

Lucero - Alibombo
Lucerito - Alibombo (Sábados Efectivos 1981)
Lucerito combines her work with her academic studies. She was taking and dancing classes at the same time in order to get more self-confidence on stage. In those days she also made the program Juguemos a Cantar, of which she was the theme singer. Thanks to those opportunites, Lucerito gets various offers from different programs, one of them is Chiquilladas where she performs her first leading role in a children´s series, which has great success.

Lucero - Chispita
Lucerito - Chispita (1982)
In 1982, she makes her first soap-opera Chispita, performing with great actors like Enrique Lizalde and Angélica Aragón among others. As of that moment her career appeared to have a great future. Because of this Raúl Velasco, offered her to sing the theme of an international program América, esta es tu canción, event with 19 representatives of all over the world.


Movie producers did not want to be indifferent towards this young star´s birth an she is hired by Daniel Galindo to make her first named Coqueta were She made her movie debut, In this new movie stage Lucerito, stars in several films with other caliber celebrities like Luis Miguel, Pedro Fernández and Manuel Mijares. In 1982 she starts recording her first music album called Te Prometo and so on with Con Tan Pocos Años, Fuego y Ternura and Un Pedacito de Mi revealing herself as an important young singer.

With the desire of improving in 1986, she determines to go beyond other horizons and with Melody she records the album Lucerito from where we remember the hits Millones mejor que tú, and Vete con ella.

Lucero - Todo el amor del mundo
Lucerito y Luis Miguel - Todo El Amor Del Mundo (1984)
The year 1988, brought great changes to the life of this young singer since her voice was not that of a child anymore and she had become a splendid woman, now without a diminutive, she becomes Lucero. Lucero keeps climbing steps in the ladder of her career as a singer. When she records several LP´s such as Cuentame, Sólo pienso en ti, Con mi Sentimiento. She receives Gold and Platinum records for each of these themes. Likewise her hits reach No. 1 on the Hit Parade List.

Lucero - Electricidad
Lucero - Electricidad (1991)
It must be pointed out that her next album firmly established this beautiful young singer's successful career, not only for opening American and Spanish markets, but also for becoming known in several Central American Countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama, as well as in all south America. After conquering the young sector market with ballad and pop music Lucero shows us another stage of her versatile career. Now, she takes up Mexican Folk Music and starts singing the hits of famous groups such as the Bukis, The Yonic`s and Bronco among others. She launched the name of Mexico, conquering the audiences in Latin America, Spain and the USA, for which she’s named Lucero de México and La Novia de América.

In 1992 the specialized critics consider and point her out as the Mexican singer with the highest international projection. 1993, is a very important year in Lucero’s career, her new pop album named after her Lucero is released. We can appreciate the great maturity of her performances, in these wonderful songs, produced by the famous composer Rafael Pérez Botija. With songs like Veleta and Sobreviviré se conquers the first places in radio. This same year she leads her third soap opera Los Parientes Pobres produced by Carla Estrada, with whom she worked in 1990 leading Cuando Llega el Amor. Again obtaining the first places on the whole world.

In 1995 Lucero surprised everyone starring the soap opera called Lazos de Amor, in which she performs the three main characters by giving life to three identical triplets reaching the first place in nation wide TV ratings. She was awarded with El Heraldo, Eres Award Magazine, Estrella de Plata and ACE Award for best performance and best soap-opera of that year. In 1997, after touring the América giving live concerts, she releases a completely new pop album called Piel de Ángel with a remarkable interpretative strength and with a privileged voice she can pitch at her own will. With songs like Tácticas de Guerra, Toda La Noche and Quiero sells thousands of albums all over the world, that's why she recieved gold and platinum awards because of its sells in México and the USA.

Lucero - Lazos de Amor
Lucero - Lazos de Amor (1995)
In October 1997 Lucero was asked to sing to His Holiness John Paul II, during the second encounter of families in Maracana one of the world’s most magnificent Stadiums, in Brazil. An opportunity described in her own words: “This is the most exciting experience; spiritually and professionally.”

In December 1997, She caught Mexico’s and other countries attention while conducting 27 uninterrupted hours of The Telethon a program that was mainly created for raising funds to build a rehabilitation Center for the handicapped. And she've repited that experience year after year, until today.

Lucero - Un Lucero en la México
Lucero - Un Lucero en la México (1999)
In march of 1998 she records a new ranchero album called Cerca de Ti working under the production of the biggest mariachi producer Rubén Fuentes, reaching the first places with amazing singles like Corazón Lastimado and El Milagro. With this incredible album she recieves a Billboard Award because of the high sells all over America.

On June 19th, 1999, Lucero gives an outrageous Concert Celebrating her 20th artistic Anniversary in the Monumental Bullfight Ring of Mexico City, having a whole success gathering more than 50,000 people who sang Lucero´s hits. At this concert Lucero recorded an album live that sold more than 200,000 copies everywhere.

At year 2000 she records the album Mi Destino being this her first album with Sony Music International, album in which Lucero shows different rhythms and sounds, because is produced by reknown producers worldwide such as Rafael Pérez Botija, who has produced artists like José José and Rocío Durcal to name some, Ric Wake , who has worked with Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, and Jimmy Ray, Lucero also surprised us with this album recording 2 songs in English with great quality and interpretation (Don't Waste My Time, and From You).

At the same time she leads the soap opera Mi Destino Eres Tú one more time with the reknown producer Carla Estrada and supported by a surprising cast with Jaqueline Andere, Silvia Pasquel, Julio Alemán and María Sorté among others. Reaching the first places in world wide ratings. In February 2002 Lucero begins the promotion for her new album Un Nuevo Amor, ranchero production recorded with mariachi under the direction of great producers such as Rubén Fuentes, Homero Patrón and Estéfano Salgado, album that shows in the ten themes Lucero with a great vocal capacity.

On march 21st of 2003 opens Regina “Un Musical Para Una Nación Que Despierta” play in which she plays the main character.

Lucero - Regina
Lucero - Regina (2003)
Playing more than 100 appearances, this play was attended for more than 100,000 people, which becomes a great chance for Lucero to show her acting and singing skills. Press published “100 performances, 100 standing ovations”.In august 2003 Lucero goes into the movie sets to play Esperanza, in one of the more ambitious projects of the Mexican industry, Zapata "The Hero's Dream", with Alejandro Fernández and under the scene direction of Alfonso Arau, photography by Vitttorio Storaro who has won 4 Oscars®  and custom and set designer Eugenio Zanetti who has won also an Academy Award.

Lucero - Zapata
Lucero - Zapata (2004)
In 2004 is released the album Cuando Sale Un Lucero produced by the reknowned producer Homero Patrón, album in which Lucero sings with mariachi giving life to a sound with some cumbia rythms, this album is very well sold throughout Mexico, USA, and Central and South America From this album, the themes Vete Por Donde Llegaste, Entre la Espada y la Pared and El Cable are promoted nationwide and abroad with great success. In 2005 Lucero returns to the soap operas sets at TV starring the most ambitious project for Televisa, Alborada, suposed to be realized in the 1800's. This soap opera was on the first place of audience since the first chapter until the last one nationwide. Thtat's why she recieved every award on that time such as TVyNovelas, ACE and the international Emy Award in the USA.

Quiéreme Tal Como Soy was a pop ballad album Lucero released on 2006, giving a deserved tribute to Rafael Pérez Botija, the composer and producer of her biggest hits (Veleta, Electricidad, Sobreviviré, etc). Immediatelly she reaches the first places of sales with amazing singles like La Única Que Te Entiende and O Tú O Nada. That's why in march of 2007 she records a live album from the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, being sold in CD and DVD.

On october 20th , 2008, was the premier of Mañana Es Para Siempre produced by Nicandro Diaz, for Televisa´s primetime, starring Lucero, giving life to a villain, in whom the story is based surrounded by a great cast, with Fernando Colunga, Silvia Navarro and Sergio Sendel among others, averaging an audience of 37.7 points and finished broadcasting on sunday June 14th, 2009 with a three hour chapter with an audience of 51.1, a record for Televisa, another record for Lucero. Due to Lucero's popularity and credibility with audiences, she was hired by Procter & Gamble to be the image and spokesperson of the line of beauty products for Olay. Later on, with the incredible response of the international audience, the contract was renewed over and over.

Lucero - Mañana Es Para Siempre
Lucero - Mañana Es Para Siempre (2008)
Then they hired Lucero even to be Pantene's shampoo central image. Last year she made with them the pink campaign to help victims of cancer. For these same reasons, Mexico's State Government, asked her to be their image during the years of 2008 and 2009. From 2006 until now, Lucero is the main hostess of the Latin Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Celebra, Navidad desde el Baticano, and Fiesta Mexicana for Mexico's Independence day celebration.

Lucero - Indispensable
Lucero - Indispensable (2010)
In 2010 Soy Tu Dueña became a new hit on her soapopera career, she leaded it next to Fernando Colunga and an incredible cast. There she sang with Joan Sebastian Golondrinas Viajeras, and Dueña de tu Amor written by herself. This year she releases the album Indispensable, produced by Lucero, Ric Wake and César Lemos. With hits in english and spanish that were off the hook.

In 2011 she released another ranchero album called Mi Secreto de Amor with amazing covers such as Costumbres and Te Sigo Amando. This year she also became one of the 4 coaches on the reality show La Voz México where she supported mexican talent and hit the first places of international rating.

Rosy Ocampo invites her to lead Por Ella Soy Eva in 2012 next to Jaime Camil and an amazing cast. A different soapopera with comedy on its plot. This same year she releases No Me Dejes Ir a song she wrote and produced to promote this soap opera and immediatelly became a musical hit in Mexico and USA.

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